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    A bit about me

    I'm a native New Yorker. Originally an actress, I segued into writing screenplays. My first script was an adaptation of Anne Tyler’s first novel, “If Morning Ever Comes,” later optioned and developed by American Playhouse. Another adaptation, a novella of “Lipstick on the Host,” by Irish author Aidan Mathews, was optioned and put into development by World 2000.


    Other feature scripts include, “Common Ground,” “There Will Be A Fish,” “Hair of the Dog,” “Four Eyes,” “Ain’t That A Kick,” "Franny" (a pilot). Two recent short scripts are "Seeds" and "Roadside." My first feature documentary, 'FORTY YEARS IN A BOX' has just been completed. It recently screened at Big Apple Film Festival, May 2023. I'm hoping that my next feature project will be my script, "Invisible."


    In 2012, I wrote and directed my first short film, LAST DAY. This turned out to be the first of a trilogy, which also includes OLD JUNK (2013) and UPSIDE DOWN (2014), which won an Audience Choice Award. My other short films are UPROOTED (2014) and WALKIN' (2014) and HANDS (2018). In September 2016, I wrote and directed my first feature film, STARFISH. The film completed post-production the end of 2017 and screened at film festivals around the country in 2018. STARFISH won an Audience Choice Award at Mystic Film Festival October 2018. It is currently available for viewing on Amazon Prime and IndieFlix. My most recent movie is a feature documentary called, FORTY YEARS IN A BOX. It is currently starting its festival run.


    For six years, I was Director of Development for Martin Scorsese's company, Cappa Productions. During that time I was Associate Producer and Script Consultant on two feature films: "Brides" aka "Nyfes," starring Damian Lewis, directed by Pantelis Voulgaris, executive produced by Martin Scorsese and "Deuces Wild" (MGM/UA). Prior to that, I worked at Universal Pictures (NY) for two years as assistant to the VP Production and managed the story department.


    I was a juror two times for Minnesota Film Fund and a judge for McKnight Screenwriting Fellowship/IFP North, and an IFP Panelist. I also taught "The Business of Writing" for Film' at The New School.


    For ten years I taught screenwriting at New York Film Academy. I also do script consulting. In addition, I'm a psychotherapist (LCSW). To me, this is a perfect complement to my work as a writer/director/filmmaker.


    Member of New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT)

    Member Gotham (formerly IFP)

    Emeritus Member of Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE)






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    my newest feature film - a documentary (2023/24)

    forty years in a box

  • news about forty years in a box

    film festivals

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    Q&A after screening

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    Upcoming Festival

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    S t a r f i s h

    an indie feature film

    written and directed by

    Shira Levin


    An indie feature...

    A female driven, but universal story, about grief, healing, friendship, family and the strong bond between dogs and humans.


    It's touching, funny and a tad romantic.


    A film for viewers who like stories about people and relationships.

    It's also a film for dog lovers and for anyone who has experienced loss of any kind.


    Starfish played at film festivals around the country and won an Audience Choice Award at Mystic Film Festival in October 2018.


    STARFISH can be seen on Amazon Prime and IndieFlix (free week trial available on IndieFlix) https://watch.indieflix.com/starfish/videos/starfish


    Articles related to Shira Levin, STARFISH and Mystic film festival:









    Article from WomenCinemakers 2017 about Shira Levin and "Upside Down"

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    Preview of STARFISH


    Here's what people have said...

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    "I loved the sense of being inside Lily's life, with all its sorrows and small comforts. Several times I teared up and I laughed out loud at Joan's sister and brother-in-law, who were perfect-in fact I swear they weren't acting at all, which is the best compliment anyone can give an actor. But all the actors were convincing, and very aptly cast.


    What made the movie a special pleasure is that there was not one moment of "exposition," as the English teachers call it. I felt I was meeting these people and gradually finding out their histories without having them stop what they were doing to laboriously explain, which is exactly what happens when you met new people in real life."

    Anne Tyler (author)



    "What a sensitive, beautifully constructed film you have created."

    J. Greentree



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    "I LOVED your film... You feel unsure what the film is about or what the conflict really is except perhaps this great character study and then WHAM! It's funny! It's moving! It's surprising!! It all comes together just beautifully.


    It was shot beautifully - loved the beachy look and feel of so much of it. You could almost smell the salt water. And the acting was really strong... Has some wonderfully funny moments... And then I was very moved at the end. In a way I didn't think I would be. Loved the music as well."

    J. Russell




    "I REALLY liked the film!! I am truly impressed. Very well done, sensitive, emotional, great writing and acting - and directing."

    J. Dachs





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    "Several scenes made me tear up, and the overall message of loss and healing and hope is beautiful."

    R. van Wagtendonk

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    "When the movie started I prepared myself for grieving realism BUT found myself in the middle of a Murakami story where the pacing and the character unfolding lead to truths and possibilities...with each verbal or visual encounter layered on its predecessors, reaches emotional truths and offers possibilities of healing and even some future joy."

    M. Wilson

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    "I honestly was taken aback with the emotion I felt... could not speak right away... I didn't want to leave the place I was in, I was there with those people...felt very connected..had so many thoughts and feelings come up, thinking of losses in my life, how I've dealt, continue to deal, loving the friendship she had with her friend Harry, relationship with her sister, or non-relationship, re-connecting with her niece, how that happened...there was not a second that I lost my connection. The dogs were great!!...Great writing! Perfect casting!

    R. Madison

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    "Yesterday I was fortunate to attend a screening of Starfish... I hope you find a home for your unique and ambitious film... You took a very difficult subject and made it come alive. You rallied talented actors, and a crew to make a compelling film. You are a good filmmaker, please keep making more."

                                               M. Jacobsohn












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    "That was superb - warm, taut, visually beautiful...brava!

    D. Levin-Becker


    "I was very impressed by your film. I especially like the 'layers.' What an accomplishment."

    M. Wurgaft


    "I thought the film had a lyrical vibe and it is full of heart. You have a nice touch."

    C. Campbell


  • Film Festivals

    Where STARFISH Was Seen

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    Chain NYC Film Festival

    NYC Premiere

    STARFISH screened at Chain NYC Film Festival on August 15, 2018.

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    La Femme Film Festival

    California Premiere

    STARFISH screened in Beverly Hills, CA at La Femme Film Festival on Friday October 12, 2018.

    broken image

    Mystic Film Festival

    Connecticut Premiere

    STARFISH was the opening night film of the Mystic Film Festival on Thursday October 18, 2018 in Mystic, CT.

    broken image

    Black Bear Film Festival

    Pennsylvania Premiere

    STARFISH screened at the 19th Black Bear Film Festival in Milford, PA on Sunday October 21, 2018.

    broken image

    Mystic Film Festival

    Opening night red carpet event

    Leading ladies of STARFISH: Margaret Curry (center), Linnette Roe (left), Sophia Colon Roosevelt (right)

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    Mystic Film Festival

    Closing night 10/21/18

    STARFISH won an Audience Choice Award at the closing night award ceremony.

    broken image

    Mystic Film Festival

    Audience Choice Award 10/21/18

    Thrilled that STARFISH won an Audience Choice Award at the closing night award ceremony.

    broken image

    Veritas Film Festival

    Screening November 9, 2018

    STARFISH screened at Veritas Film Festival in PA, November 2018.


    Three stories where "invisibles" become visible through unexpected connections.

    Watch it on Vimeo. Password required. Contact me.

    Upside Down (2014)

    A 10 year-old girl befriends a transgender woman in her building, against her mother's wishes.

    * OutWest Film Fest 2015

    * Black Bear Film Festival 2015

    * The American Psychological Association

    Film Festival 2015

    * Northside Film Festival (Brooklyn, NY) 2015

    * XpoNorth 2015 Film Festival (Scotland)

    * Springfield LGBT Film Festival (AUDIENCE


    * Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film

    Festival (India) 2015

    * Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival 2017

    Old Junk (2013)

    An isolated but vital old man discovers a box of junk that he transforms into a sculpture.

    *  Global Peace Film Festival

    *  Black Bear Film Festival

    Last Day (2012)

    On the day a young man plans to kill himself, an unexpected encounter presents him with opportunity for change.

    * Black Bear Film Festival

    * The Animal Film Festival

    * A.C.T. Film Festival

    * The National Museum of Animals

    (Los Angeles)

  • Audience Responses

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    Old Junk

    Anne Tyler - author 

    «That was a beautiful movie. I loved every closely observed second of it — very touching. Thank you so much for telling me it existed.

    I hope it gets lots of attention and appreciation.»

    broken image

    Old Junk

    Paul Griffin - writer

    «It was so beautiful, from start to finish. I loved the music too. The classical was so pretty and quiet, and perfect for the picture. I loved the end title song too. The reveal of the “dolls” at the end was so great. It was so sad but so inspiring too, how Horace just kept going, finding ways to make his day meaningful, making art no matter what. The old pictures were wonderful. It was perfect from the opening frame to the last. Horace is my hero. I always dreamed of living that long, to get to relax and feed the squirrels and just take in the day and notice all the beauty around. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.»

    broken image

    Upside Down

    Rita Madison - hair & makeup artist

    «Just watched the film. It is terrific!!

    … I love it, everything works so smoothly, and it is a 

    wonderful, heartfelt story!

    I was moved and LOVE the ending!»


    broken image

    Old Junk

    Patti Seitz - family therapist

    «I really loved it even more than the first time I saw it. ... I started crying after seeing it. I just wanted to let you know, how moved I was by it and how much I appreciate your filmmaking and how you are able to illuminate the deepest places and touch our humanity.»

    broken image

    Last Day

    Paul Griffin - writer

    «Shira got me teary-eyed! So beautiful!!! …

    I'm a sucker for animals-save-the-world stories, but Last Day brought that idea to a much more intimate place, one that I haven't seen in a long time. It's gorgeous -- the cinematography, the acting (both the guy and the kid were fabulous), the sense of place, but most of all the story. Absolutely perfect for this viewer. 

    It has an O Henry feel. …

    So hard to do, to bring a story and a character full circle in just a few minutes, but Shira nailed it. I absolutely loved it.»

    broken image

    Last Day

    Cathy Curt

    «WOW!  Shira....This was a powerful film....congratulations!  You captured all the emotions beautifully without any words!»


    broken image

    Upside Down

    Will Voelkel - Director of Black Bear Film Festival

    «We love Upside Down!  Like the other two films in the trilogy, it's charming and moving.»

    broken image


    Marie Wilson - Psychotherapist

    «...loved UPROOTED.  Never thought a bush could be such an emotionally moving character...»

    broken image

    The Trilogy

    Nancy Shapiro

    «This cannot wait until tomorrow! I just watched Last Day, Old Junk 

    and Upside Down.  WOW! Gentle messages…incredible photography…

    I loved each one for different reasons.

    I felt so much unstated loneliness in Old Junk…loneliness with so much grace.

    My favorite of the three was Last Day. 

     It was powerful in its quietness.

    I just had to tell you how moved I was by your beautiful work. Thank you.»

    broken image

    Last Day, Old Junk

    Judy McVety

    «...Both films are compelling reminders of the commonality of human experience and emotions, the desire to be loved, feeling isolated and hopeless

    and how music, creativity and nurturing bring us together and heal our spirits.

    Each time I watch them I come away with a transformative inspiration

    and quiet celebration, in today's disheartening deluge of bad news,

    of how genuinely good and caring most people are...»

  • Other Films


    A mini-documentary accompanied by Nancy La Mott singing "Call Me Irresponsible"


    A music video to Lucy Kaplanski's cover of Woody Gutherie's "This Morning I Am Born Again"

  • Script Consultation

    Bring your project to the next level

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    Story, Character, Structure, Truth. That is my mantra.


    I work with writers - beginners to professionals - to help improve their scripts. As a consultant, I have worked with screenwriters, playwrights and performance artists. Before I started teaching, I was Director of Development for Martin Scorsese's company, for six years, where I worked with writers and directors on their projects. However, I've learned more from teaching than from anything else I've done. I love to teach, consult and help writers find, develop and deepen their stories.


    I focus on helping you more fully understand and develop your characters in order to be able to create a transformation for them that makes sense for the story you are telling. I ask many questions with the goal of making you think about your story in ways you might not have imagined.


    I start where you are. I go at your pace and adapt the way I work to fit your needs. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project and how I might help. We can see if we're a good match. I'm a writer too… I get it.




    broken image

    If you are looking for a script consultant, I highly recommend Shira Levin. Shira’s experience as a writer, director, teacher, and as a script development executive to one the most influential filmmakers in motion picture history, makes her the real deal. With a keen eye and true understanding of story, structure and character development, Shira will provide you with an honest evaluation of your project and offer the type of professional feedback that one rarely gets from story consultants.

    Rosalie Muskatt, Producer, Inwood Productions


    I have always been a storyteller who desperately wanted to put down all my stories on paper. It led me to developing the urge of writing a full script. But writing a feature film was something which I thought happens to people who live in the land of Hollywood.
    Life passed by and then one day out of the blue I joined an on-line Screenwriting class at NYFA, taught by Shira Levin. And from the start of the first-class till the end of the 15th week, it was the most wholesome journey for me and my story, which I put on paper.
    And all thanks to our screenwriting mentor Shira. She doesn't just give us encouraging lectures on how important it is for the writer to write, but she taught us the vital methods and techniques which helped me finish the first draft of the 120-page script.
    Shira’s lectures were enlightening, crisp, distinct and so easy to grasp. She is so particular about do’s and dont's that at the end of the program I imbibe them fully and started to follow them naturally.
    Now when I look at the first draft of my script complete in my hands I know that joining Shira’s screenwriting class was one of the best decisions I have made. The road is long but thanks to Shira I have embarked on it taking the first step.

    Jashanpreet Kaur Gill, writing student



    Add text.


    "Shira Levin was my first introduction to screenwriting, narrative structure, character development, and film analysis. The way she was able to teach me not only the basics about these concepts, but also to encourage my learning about them while writing my first screenplay, changed the course of my writing career. She once told me I was the kind of student a teacher loves to have in class. But I would say, she is the kind of teacher a student loves to learn from. Shira gave me a toolbox, filled it with the tools every screenwriter needs, and it is one I still use today. Everything I know about screenwriting, the very essence of it as an art form and a narrative device, I learned from her. If you are looking for someone who will teach you, encourage you, and challenge you to be the best writer you can be, I would highly recommend learning from Shira Levin. My first semester of film school was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. But I will never forget, at the end of her course, Shira sat me down, looked me in the eyes, and said, "You can do this. Keep learning and writing." She saw something in me I didn't see then, and it kept the fire lit within me until I found my own confidence. It is a fire that is still lit today, in no small part because of her. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience, and she is so willing to share it with the next generation of filmmakers and screenwriters. I cannot recommend learning from Shira enough."

    Lexi Nicholas - writer



    Add text.
    I've had Shira during the first quarter of my Masters at New York Film Academy, and I must say that she was an excellent teacher, not only for the commitment that she shows, but for the professional and strict approach that she has with everybody’s work. She is the kind of person who demands from you a lot as a student and pushes you not to stay in your comfort zone. Every class she fills your brain with new questions, thoughts and makes you move forward and think deeply of what you are writing, of your contents. Along with those, she also has a clear and vast experience with formats and structure. I personally think, that her being a psychotherapist helps you as a writer to really get to the main themes your material is trying to explore and to stay honest with what is believable and what is not. Great teacher, precise and extremely professional.

    Agosto Latino - writer



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